Part of a series of graphics packages created for PEOPLE Magazine's YouTube channel. "Drama Is My Cardio" was a proposed workout series that would cover celebrity news while exercising. The show was conceived with a heavy 80's aesthetic in mind. Inspired by workout shows of the era, VHS box art and general 80's vibes the following package was created.
BELOW: Final animated opening title sequence for "Drama is my Cardio" 
BELOW: Three potential title Treatments submitted in the overtly 80's fitness aesthetic 
BELOW: Two custom transition graphics created to cut from one scene to the next. 
BELOW: Two animated lower third graphics, 1) for a twitter call to action and 2) an exercise move name.
BELOW: An animated lower news crawl with a sidebar containing a countdown clock and upcoming exercise moves. countdown clock concludes with a 10 second rest followed by a reset for the next set of moves
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