Matt Forte is a Host, Producer and Designer with extensive experience in front of, behind and next to the camera.  After 10 years working at Apple Inc. managing special events across its NYC retail locations (including SoHo, Fifth Avenue, Grand Central & Upper West Side) Matt joined Verizon's BUILD series in the spring of 2015 as a Producer and Senior Marketing Specialist. In addition to maintaining the integrity of the brand's aesthetic across multiple platforms and launching tons of additional new programming, Matt was also one of the 3 primary Hosts of BUILD series. As a Host and Moderator, his strengths reside in his ability to set a tone capable of disarming the most guarded guests, and his deep research and prep fosters a conversation both relaxing and stimulating. On stage Matt's specialty is not limited to a single genre or field, but rather is focused on being able to provide a fun and intelligent conversation with anyone.
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