Part of a series of graphics packages created for PEOPLE Magazine's YouTube channel. "Celebrity Astrology Investigation" is a weekly series that covers celebrity news and takes a closer look at what their astrological charts have to say about their future. This is the first of two graphics packages, originally conceived as a fully remote show, the team wanted a cute kawaii/magical girl inspired design. 
BELOW: Final animated opening title card sequence
BELOW: Original designs pulled heavily from Sailor Moon, but the team would later request a deeper incorporation of the"Hollywood" and celebrity component.
BELOW: The final design pulled directly from the iconic Hollywood sign
BELOW: Animated segment graphic. When it came time to design for the weekly horoscope segment, the design shifted to a nighttime color pallet and looks to the stars
BELOW: Video frames created to dress up remote guests video windows
BELOW: YouTube end of episode title card
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