Part of a series of graphics packages created for PEOPLE Magazine's YouTube channel. "Celebrity Astrology Investigation" is a weekly series that covers celebrity news and takes a closer look at what their astrological charts have to say about their future. This is the second of two graphics packages, the first was heavily Kawaii inspired. The team behind the show would later pivot and request something more mystical and inline with the shelves of reference books and set decor.
BELOW: The final 10s animated opening title card for "Celebrity Astrology Investigation"
BELOW: Left - Original designs created to align with the mystical old reference book style | Right - first round revisions, narrowing down type and asked to introduce a blue/gold color pallet with a "bit more flair."
BELOW: few more revisions, adjusting color, adjusting various design elements
BELOW: Following a live edit session with a team of producers, I arrived at the below final still title card:
BELOW: Animated lower third, segment titles and fact cards
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