In March of 2020 BUILDseries transitioned from its NYC studio to the safety of home out of an abundance of caution. Matt created a suite of templates and graphics to accompany the relocation, adopting the "at home" moniker as many did at that time. Left only with what they had available in their respective homes to continue production, the entire process became very DIY. That idea is reflected in the design using masking tape, markers, cardboard, and retro VHS tape inspired imagery.
Below: 6 second intro bumper, using simulated signal distortion to transition to the animated "at home" slate
Multiple templates were created to accommodate a variety of groupings and guests. Several examples are below including Matt Interviewing Grammy award nominated recording artist Jewel... at home.
Traditionally between livestreams BUILD would run a sizzle reel and a "coming up next" graphic to promote the next interview. During the pandemic a lower third crawl more in line with the "at home" aesthetic was necessary.
Hand written type was photographed with an iPhone and composited onto digital cardboard. Sticker style icons and graphics were also created. Below you can see the animated loop in action:
Below: Graphic created in the window of time between shutting down in NYC but before deciding to broadcast from home.
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